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About our family
Jimmy and Lynn, Married 35years
Our children: Holly,27 and Jimmy,25
Cats: Ozzy & Madison








We have lived in Plano, Texas since October 1979. It is located north of Dallas. Plano is home to many things, Southfork Ranch, EDS, Frito Lay, and of course the Wilson's. I have worked for the City of Plano for twenty-seven years, the last sixteen in the  Parks & Recreation Department as an electrician. Lynn works for the 7-11 Corporation's National Gasoline Department in accounting. Holly is married now, and lives with her husband, Jon, and their son Christain in Wylie, Texas. Jimmy lives in Allen, Texas and attends Collin County Community College, or "Quad C" as it is called locally. He enjoys drawing, writing, and reading. He has two leopard Gecko lizards, Ratio, and Nefertiti. We have two cats, Ozzy and Madison who were abandoned at a friends house, so we took them in. Their hobbies are eatin', sleepin' & poopin'. What a rough life, but somebody's gotta do it ! My hobbies include playing the drums, collecting Hot Wheels, riding my bike and goofing around with the computer, and following NHRA Drag Racing. Lynn's hobbies include drawing, gardening, and going to movies.
















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NHRA Drag Racing 0-330 MPH in under five seconds.








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