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Welcome to my Website.

Here you will learn about me, and my family, and our interests.
Thank you !

Follow the links to visit our sites.

Meet the Wilson family. the Wilson's home page
A look at Plastic Silverware. The Misunderstood Spork
A different funny  (at least in my opinion) picture each day * Today's Funny Picture
Check what's in the water bowl. Klepto Kitty.com
Fear the Jibbly. Jibbly.net
Fear the Spork. Killer Sporks.com
The name says it all. Bad Poodles.com

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* Disclaimer
My definition of humor may not be suitable for some adults, or children.
(And why would you turn a kid loose on my web site anyway ?)
If you are EASILY offended, please do not view the page.

Careful, you may see the "F" word !
Not promising, but it could happen.

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